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Whether you are on good terms with your future ex spouse or not, divorce tends to be an unpleasant experience where emotions run high and things can spiral out of control quickly. We at Strategic Divorce Consultants guide our clients, prepare them for what lies ahead, and help them achieve their priorities and prevent them from making the rash emotional “Get It Over With” decisions, these decisions once codified in your Separation or Divorce Agreement could be damaging to you up until your youngest child becomes a legal adult at 18 or even in some states until your child turns 21 years of age as these decisions may not be reversible no matter how much time and money is spent trying to do so.


Thanks to Strategic Divorce Consultants I know that I wont have to go more then a couple of consecutive days without seeing my children. I feel so much better about getting divorced now. Don’t get divorced without them!

Atlanta, Georgia

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The Divorce Attorney Role

Although a divorce lawyer will be essential, most Divorce lawyers have never been divorced-and have not lived the life of, and raised children as divorced parents. Divorce lawyers are primarily focused on legally protecting you and your assets, they are far less worried about things such as which school district your children attend school and the number of days you go without seeng your children.  This makes it difficult for them to understand the day to day ramifications of what is in (and not in) your Parenting Plan – We have lived such a life, and can tell you how the decisions that you make now will affect your life, and the lives of your children.

Although Divorce lawyers are highly skilled and are good at negotiating and litigating, most divorce attorneys will spend little or no time designing a comprehensive divorce strategy with you, Instead, they will ask you what you want from your divorce, and try to negotiate and/or litigate on your behalf to try to achieve your desired result.

We will save you money because by working with us to prioritize your needs and wants from your divorce, we will decrease the number of billable hours that you need to spend on the back and forth with your Divorce lawyer on what to include in your Divorce Plan. You will be able to walk into your Divorce Lawyers Office with confidence knowing what you need and want from your Divorce.






Please note that we are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.