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Whether you are on good terms with your future ex spouse or not, divorce tends to be an unpleasant experience where emotions run high and things can spiral out of control quickly. We at Strategic Divorce Consultants guide our clients, prepare them for what lies ahead, and help them achieve their priorities and prevent them from making the rash emotional “Get It Over With” decisions, these decisions once codified in your Separation or Divorce Agreement could be damaging to you up until your youngest child becomes a legal adult at 18 or even in some states until your child turns 21 years of age as these decisions may not be reversible no matter how much time and money is spent trying to do so.


Thanks to Strategic Divorce Consultants I know that I wont have to go more then a couple of consecutive days without seeing my children. I feel so much better about getting divorced now. Don’t get divorced without them!

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Case Studies

Here are real examples of errors which divorcing parents have made and how we would have worked with our clients to avoid these pitfalls

Stacy and Paul

Stacy and Paul were seeking a divorce. Both spouses had good jobs, with Paul making about 30% more money than Stacy. The divorcing couple had three children Their children were 9, 6, and 4. Paul had been working for the last 20 years, and Stacy had been working full time only the last 3 years. The children are on Paul’s Heath Care policy provided by his employer. The draft Parenting Plan that Stacy’s divorce attorney drafted read, “Children’s Medical Insurance coverage will be continued to be provided by the father” The wording seemed reasonable enough and Paul’s lawyers read through this draft proposal and said nothing. Paul also seemed to think this was reasonable and stayed silent on the subject as well.

In this case Paul was obligated to provide health care insurance for their children until they become adults, regardless of whether he lost his job, or his company no longer provided health care insurance, or his soon to be ex-wife obtains a job which has better health insurance then Paul’s employer offered. This could cause a major financial hardship for Paul in the event he loses his job as in this case he would still be obligated to provide health insurance until his children are 18, In this case Paul is signing on as the Health Insurance provider for the next 14 years (Which is when his youngest child becomes 18) even in the event that Stacy was in a better position to provide the insurance

As your Divorce Strategist we will not allow such a situation to occur. In this case, we would have suggested that the Parenting Plan includes the following:

While the children’s heath care insurance will continue to be provided by the father at this time, The children’s heath care insurance is the joint responsibility of both parents and that in the event that the parent who provides the insurance for the children loses his or her job, has his or her insurance at work cancelled or downgraded, or has the cost of such insurance increased by more than 5% in any given year, the parents will mutually discuss whether the children should continue to be covered on the Present Medical insurance policy in place, or whether the children should go on the other Parents Medical policy.

Jill and Chris

Jill and Chris decide to divorce after 8 years of marriage. They have two children, Kate who is 6, and Billy who is 5. It is a contentious divorce with each accusing the other of infidelity. Right before court, they reach a settlement that they will share custody 50/50 every other week with the children switching homes Sunday night at 6:00 PM.

As it turns out both Kate and Billy’s birthdays fall out on Chris’s day to have custody of them. Although Jill asks Chris to share the children’s special day with her so she can see them on their birthday, Chris says no because the day falls out on his custody day. Birthdays for both children fall out on Chris’s day on consecutive years. There is no recourse for Jill since their agreement is silent regarding children’s birthdays.

In addition Jill can see on the calendar that Billy’s first day of Kindergarten will also falls out on Chris’s day with the children and becomes distressed that she will miss Billy’s first day of Kindergarten as well.

As your Divorce Strategist I will ensure that “Special Events’ are specifically called out your agreement so that you can spend the quality time you deserve with your children on special days and for special events.


Your information will be kept in the strictest of confidence, Once you hire me, I will only work with you and for you, and will not work with your soon to be Ex-Spouse (unless you ask us to do so).[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]



Please note that we are not attorneys and do not provide legal advice.